Lunch or Dinner Trays

Small 8-10ppl / Large 20-25ppl

Lasagna-meat lasagna in tomato-based sauce, served with garlic bread. Can be prepared as a vegetarian meal too.
Small $75.00 / Large $185.00

Enchiladas-A selection of chicken, cheese, and/or vegetarian enchiladas topped with a mild red sauce. Served with rice and beans. Can be prepared spicy too.
Small $95.00 / Large $235.00

Coconut Curry Shrimp-Served over pasta and vegetables. Can be prepared with seafood or chicken too.
Small $90.00 / Large $225.00
For chicken: add $25 small / $50 large
For Seafood: add $30 small / $75 large

Pork Tenderloin-Can be prepared as teriyaki, Jamaican jerk dry rub, brown sugar based dry rub, ginger-pineapple, or plain. Served with roasted vegetable couscous.
Small $100.00 / Large $250.00

Chicken Cutlets-Homemade chicken cutlets served with homemade marinara and garlic mashed potatoes.
Small $105.00 / Large $265.00

Grilled Salmon-Grilled to medium and served with a strawberry butter, jalapeƱo cilantro-lime rice, and roasted vegetables.
Small $120.00 / Large $300.00

Spaghetti and Meatballs-Served with homemade marinara and garlic bread.
Small $65.00 / Large $165.00

Vegetable Stir Fry-Served with a teriyaki ginger sauce and fresh herb rice. Can be prepared hot-n-spicy to order.
Small $85.00 / Large $215.00
For chicken: add $25 small / $50 large
For seafood or steak: add $30 small / $75 large

Tortellini-Served with fresh herb Alfredo sauce and garlic bread.
Please specify meat or cheese tortellini.
Small $75.00 / Large $185.00
For chicken: add $25 small / $50 large

Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan-Served with smoked gouda spinach mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli.
Small $125.00 / Large $315.00
Steak Medallions-Grilled to medium-rare and served with wild mushroom gravy, roasted potatoes and vegetables.
Small $150.00 / Large $375.00