Holidays & Special Events Catering

  • Mother-in-law’s coming to town for Thanksgiving but you can’t hold a candle to her turkey?
  • Neighborhood’s coming over for Memorial Day but you never got the hang of barbecuing?
  • Dreading the crowded supermarkets and long lines?
  • Okay with cooking for four but unsure how to handle forty?

Or do you simply want to have guests over and be able to enjoy their company, instead of spending all of your time in the kitchen?

Rather than spending another holiday stressing out over feeding everyone, slaving away on your day off, why not take a route you know you’ll be happy with?

Choose from a selection of menus, from traditional to contemporary, or consult with Fireside Events Catering to come up with your own customized meal! From casual picnics and backyard barbecue buffets to full-service sit-down holiday extravaganzas, Fireside Catering is here to help you.

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